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The Great Room at Great Southern Killarney

The Great Room

The Great Room in Great Southern Killarney is ideal for hosting any large scale private dining event. Great Southern Killarney has the reputation for hosting Kerry’s most prestigious events including large private dining, conferences, award ceremonies, gala dinners, birthday parties and fashion events. Whatever the occasion, our team of experienced staff will ensure your private dining event is unforgettable. For large-scale private dining events, The Great Room provides a most glamorous, self-contained venue for drinks receptions, gourmet dining & entertainment.

The Great Room is a purpose built venue within Great Southern Killarney and is our principal banqueting space. The Great Room is self-contained and very flexible and can hold from 200-600 people meaning it is the ideal location for private dining of all sizes and includes an in-room bar, a stage area for performers and our sophisticated light colour changing system. Alongside The Great Room is two foyer spaces - The Light Foyer and The Bar Foyer which are the perfect areas for hosting a drinks reception. The Light Foyer has steams of natural sunlight radiating from the glass walls and doors from the gardens surrounding Great Southern Killarney. 

Our highly experienced banqueting team are always on hand to offer advice while ensuring you have a memorable and unique dining experience. Our banqueting team would be delighted to arrange a meeting to discuss your personal requirements. To find out more about celebrating your private dining event at Great Southern Killarney and for more information on hosting a private dining event in The Great Room, please submit an enquiry here.