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Great Southern Killarney's signature bar

Brownes Bar

Here in Great Southern Killarney's signature bar, the food continues the hotel's ethos of serving only imaginative, fresh, local food. Surrounded by soft colours, it's easy to relax in these classic, traditional rooms. Two blazing fires, soft, velvety sofas and friendly service top the experience. It's easy to pass a whole afternoon in front of the fire - without once looking at your watch - sipping a pint or a glass of wine and reading the paper. Click here to view our Brownes Bar menu. Brownes bar has a delicious Bar Food Menu which is served from 12.30pm until 9.30pm daily and also includes a new Whiskey Corner which houses a collection of over 190 of the world’s finest whiskies from Ireland, Scotland, America, Canada, Wales and Japan.

At the end of the evening, unwind or mingle in these stately rooms, where drinks have been served in style for more than a century.

Living History: The inspiration for Brownes Bar came from the Browne Family or Lord Kenmare's who in 1853 supplied the land upon which Great Southern Killarney's was built. You'll also see a silver fire bell hanging in an alcove near the bar. Clearly inscribed 1861 - the same year Queen Victoria visited Killarney - this bell hung in the inner-courtyard of the hotel to act as an alarm in case of fire. Thankfully, it was never needed.

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