Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The Perfect Meeting Venue to Inspire your Clients

The Light Foyer

In recent times, a number of retailers and companies wishing to showcase their new products have used the extensive event space at The Malton to build showrooms and demo-shop setups throughout the conference centre, in the foyers and gardens. This flexible space has allowed them to showcase and demonstrate new concepts and sell new ideas to their clients. The hotel offers an abundance of space for such showcases and provides an exciting and enjoyable experience for clients where they can fully immerse themselves in the latest information and concepts.

The Malton Killarney offers an incredible variety of unique, unusual and spacious areas to hold your conference or event. The hotel offers meeting rooms that can cater to up to 950 delegates. The 6 acres of gardens which surround The Malton are accessible directly from the Conference Centre can be used to mount marquees to further expand the exhibition space or can be used as an additional breakout area for your event. The Malton offers a unique atmospheric venue that won’t be soon forgotten by your attendees.

The Light Foyer was designed as an impressive and spacious receiving room to the conference centre. Floor-to-ceiling walls of windows curve graciously up to high vaulted ceilings, flooding the entire area with natural light. Covering 243 square metres, this area provides great flexibility, with plenty of room for exhibitions, as well as refreshments for delegates as they mingle and network throughout the event.

To enquire about holding your conference or event at The Malton, you can contacts us directly on +353 646638000 or email

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