Muckross House & Traditional Farms Killarney

Located in the heart of Killarney National Park, Muckross House is one of the main attractions within Killarney. Muckross House dates back to 1843, once a private residence by the Herbert and Bourn-Vincent families, it is now run by The Muckross House Trust. It is located close to the shores of Muckross Lake and is set against some of the most beautiful scenery in Killarney. Visitors to Muckross House can experience a tour that takes in all of the history and traditions of such a majestic house. Queen Victoria stayed in Muckross House during her visit to Killarney in 1861 and the room where she stayed can be viewed while taking the tour.
Also located at Muckross House is the Muckross Traditional Farms. Here you can step back in time and visit Ireland during the 1930’s and 1940’s. This includes a visit to the three types of working farms that were common during this time – Small, Medium and Large. Each of these farms is home to the relevant animals, poultry and equipment that would have been common during this time. The inside of each dwelling is furnished in traditional style and décor. Also located on the tour is a labourers cottage, a carpenters workshop and a blacksmiths forge. For our junior visitors there is also a small farm petting area complete with bouncing castle. The last stop on the tour is the schoolhouse which gives a glimpse inside what would have been a typical school house from rural Ireland built from 1910. Visitors can avail of the Muckross Vintage Coach which circulates the farms.