Lakes of Killarney
Ross Castle

Perfect Base for Exploring Killarney Lakes and Killarney National Park

Killarney National Park

Killarney is home to the world famous Killarney National Park, which has over 26,000 acres of National Park. The largest in Ireland. This includes the McGillycuddy’s Reeks, the highest mountain range in Ireland. At the foot of these mountains nestle the world famous lakes of Killarney with many beautiful woodlands and waterfalls along the way. Killarney National Park is also home to the only herd of Red Deer on mainland Ireland. 
The park is of high ecological value because of the quality, diversity, and extensiveness of many of its habitats and the wide variety of species that they accommodate, some of which are rare. The park was designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1981. Some of the most recognisable attractions located within Killarney National Park include Ross Castle and Torc Waterfall and Mountain. It is famous for its native natural habitats and species including Oak holly woods, Yew Woods and Red Deer and is one of the most extensive areas of natural woodland remaining in Ireland. The Park can be accessed by walking, cycling or Jaunting Car. 
Great Southern Killarney has bicycles that are available to our guests complimentary. To avail of these bikes please contact our Concierge team. Choose to view the National Park with a relaxing Jaunting Car trip a type of horse drawn carriage famous in the Killarney Valley for over two hundred years. Trips can be organised from Muckross to and from the majestic Torc Waterfall or from the hotel to Ross Castle about three miles from the Great Southern Killarney. Sit back and soak in the stunning scenery and enjoy the tales from your local Jarvey, (which is the name of your driver). Torc Waterfall is located 7km from Killarney town. You can access the Waterfall from the carpark and take a short walk up to the Waterfall. There are 100 steps in total at the waterfall. Torc Waterfall is approximately 20 metres high and the best time to view it is after heavy rainfall. Ross Castle is located on the edge of Killarney's Lower Lake. It is a typical example of the stronghold of an Irish Chieftain during the middle ages. It was built by O’Donoghue Mor in the 15th century.