Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Brownes - Coming Soon!

Whiskey Tasting in Brownes Bar
Soon to rebrand to Brownes, the bar at The Malton has long since been the centre point for guests to meet and mingle. With the introduction of Brownes, we believe we have created the perfect perch in Killarney for a hearty meal, a refreshing beverage and a good chat. The name was inspired by the Browne family who in 1853, originally supplied the land on which the hotel was built. We have chosen an owl as the Brownes' emblem as it symbolises grandeur & experience, & mainly because we like him! At Brownes the focus will be on serving the delicious local fare & beverages in a most convivial atmosphere. We are dedicated to creating an Owlsome experience at Brownes…. The Brownes menu is a showcase of local produce, created by our Executive Head Chef, Rory Gabriel. Next time you are in Killarney, be sure to fly into Brownes for a quick bit & sip!

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