Great Southern Killarney Exterior

Our Values

Our Values

We are true hoteliers. This is embedded deep within us, yet we are constantly striving to master our craft. We understand the importance of each and every touchpoint working in perfect harmony. With each interaction with customers, colleagues, contractors and our community, we bring integrity and fairness. We are trusted. Our independence means we’ve forged our own path. We are proud of where we have come from, we are proud of what we are and we work hard every day to be better and to grow. We believe in collaboration and that it takes a team to create something truly special. We rely on and respect the value that each team member brings. We encourage new ideas and we are willing to experiment in order to be the best. We see innovation as key to an excellent guest experience.

We are authentic and natural. A strong team comprised of individuals, each with our own way. It is evident that all our people’s interactions are underpinned by a consistent thread; a desire to create happiness, to solve problems and to make a positive contribution. The entire guest experience is shaped by our people. Every encounter is packed with personality - it just comes naturally to us. We are interested in our guests. We love getting to know them along the way. We recognise that each guest is themselves an individual and we connect with them in a way that they personally find engaging. We create experiences that are memorable and bespoke. Our intuition is unmatched. We know what they want before they do. They never have to ask.

Surprising/Special/Extraordinary/Love/Happiness/ Delight/Amazing
We aim to be exceptional in everything that we do. Our commitment to the extraordinary means that at times we can be demanding and critical however we channel this positively and keep focused on improvement. It’s always about refining, going beyond the norm, to create a touch of magic. We call it ‘The Hayfield Manner’ and it flows through each property in our collection, creating exceptional personal experiences in unique ways for each of our guests.

Our Mantra at Hayfield Family Collection is to Create Happiness, Be True and Do Exceptional. It is part of our internal culture and a fundamental part of our work ethos.