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Historic Hotels Worldwide

Great Southern Killarney are proud members of Historic Hotels Worldwide which is a prestigious collection of over 360 historic buildings in 45 countries around the world. These historic establishments include many castles, palaces, villas, monasteries and stately homes. The aim of Historic Hotels is to promote heritage and encourage cultural travel throughout the worldHistoric Hotels Worldwide recognises authentic cultural treasures that are excellent examples of historical preservation and the architecture, cuisine and traditions that go along with them. As Killarney's Grand Dame having first opened in 1854 Great Southern is described as Killarney's Premier Historic Hotel making Historic Hotels Worldwide is the ideal affiliation for the hotel.

To become a member of Historic Hotels Worldwide establishments must follow the below criteria: 

  • Buildings must be over 75 years old
  • The establishment must be noticed as being in a location of historical relevance with districts of historical importance with a significant landmark, location of a historical event or city centre
  • There is a celebration of the establishments history by displaying the photography, artwork, memorabilia and other examples of the importance of its history
  • Located within a UNESCO world heritage site or is a member of an organization for heritage buildings or national preservation
  • Currently a historical hotel

We are delighted to feature in such a historical collection of global hotels, recognising the historical importance of some of the oldest establisments throughout the world.